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Dave Bahl (left) and James McCormick (right) show how City College is using compost to reduce waste and create a renewable and valuable resource.

Commencement Ceremony to Feature Famed Author
Organizers for the City College 2002 commencement ceremony anticipate a great turnout for its featured speaker of academic fame. Educator, author and activist Jonathan Kozol will headline the ceremony at Davies Symphony Hall May 24

Campus Keen on Compost
About three and a half years ago, two huge green plastic tubs, paid for with a $20,000 grant from the city, were set up in the Horticul-ture Department to process fruit and vegetable waste from the cafeteria and restaurant on campus and transform it into compost that enriches the soil. story

Aeronautics Failing to Take Flight
City College's Depart-ment of Aeronautics, once the school's most sought-after program, is desperate for new enrollees. Massive layoffs, near bankruptcies in the airline industry, and the national recession since Sep. 11 have weakened the already
faltering department.

College Seeks to Compress Academic Calendar
Proposed alternative calendar would shorten spring and fall classes

'Ocean' Campus to Avoid Waves with Name Change

Being true to its forward-looking stance, City College is in the process of changing the common name of its main campus from Phelan Campus to Ocean Avenue Campus. story

College Caught in Budget Crunch
City College is beginning to feel the repercussions of California's state wide budget crisis, now estimated by Governor Gray Davis to be approaching nearly $22 billion. story

Mission Workshop in Jeopardy of Losing Big Funds
San Francisco's Mission Science Workshop (MSW), the acclaimed hands-on educational program that last year landed a multi-million dollar grant to establish similar sites nationwide, is in jeopardy. Its primary sponsor, The Silver Giving Foundation, is considering cutting back funding. story

Noted Instructor, Author George Moss Retires story
Who's Retiring from City College? story
Recycling Rate Barely Meets Requirement


Ben Affleck Says No to Changes in Film
After the Sept. 11 attacks on New York City and Was-hington D.C.,this years summer movies with a terrorist theme or a scene with the World Trade Center in them were rushed back to the editing room and adapted. Sum of All Fears wasn't one of them.
Design is Everywhere: Students Learn
the Basics and Apply Them
Every Tuesday and Thursday in Creative Arts Room 102, bet-ween
1 and 3 p.m., students have been learning about design (Art 125A).


'Iguana' Boasts Superb Acting
Four troubled lives cross each other at a coastal hilltop Mexican resort in a pleasantly performed Tennessee Williams' play, The Night of the Iguana at the Diego Rivera Theatre on the Phelan campus.The trouble for each is character is different.

Traditional Chinese Music Return Keeps Music Alive
Music is a universal language.
No matter where you are on planet Earth, there is music to tell the story
of a person's loves, hates and everything in between.


Reflections on Sept.11
A New Photo Exhibit

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Rams Baseball Team Ends Disappointing Season With
Come-Back Win

All Rams baseball players have been well acquainted throughout the semester. Now that the season is over, the 2002 Rams baseball team spirit may have ended, but memories of their time and experiences spent together will never end.

Seventeen years since playing for the Rams (inset), Dean Garrett (22) now plays in the NBA for the Golden State Warriors.

Dean Garrett: From City College to the NBA
Dean Garrett knew he was too skinny at 6'11 to play center at a Division One school, even if the school recruited him. So, the 18-year-old, just out from San Clement High School, in Southern California, where he grow up, enrolled at City College after moving to San Francisco with his mother.


The Mission Science Project
Children involved in the Mission Science Project are amazed at
the many discoveries they make when analyzing dirt samples from
between Highway 101 and Valencia Street in glass vials.


Students Want Their Ethnic Studies
More than 350 students assembled at Ram Plaza on Friday, May 10 in support of recent demands to incorporate ethnic studies into the City College curriculum.

A Park in the Hands of Magic
This is Cayuga Park, which might have remained a weed-infested piece of property were it not for the work of one man

Aeronautics Bids Farewell to Veteran Teacher W. Stuart Millar

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