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Budget Woes Continue as Davis Announces More Cuts An already strained budget was stretched again on Sept. 11 when Gov. Gray Davis cut $3 million from student counseling, financial aid, and faculty development programs, before signing California's budget.

Confused about where to go for counseling?
The Continuing Student Counseling Department (CSCD) addresses the needs of students who have completed one year of college or more than 24 units at City College or another college or university.

Getting a Facelift
By Tracy Anderson
Two historic City College murals, painted by artist Fred Olmstead are currently undergoing a meticulous, labor-intensive restorative process.

Free Speech, Opposition to Vengeance at Observance On September 11, with heavy fog lending an air of mourning to the commemoration, Students and Staff for Social Justice organized a teach-in at the Diego Rivera Theater seeking...

Do National I.D. Cards Pose a Threat?
Point By Brad Wall
Counter-Point By Clare Huston

Rants and Raves
By Cheryl Thai
Last month, a man filed a class-action lawsuit against the nation's four largest fast food restaurant chains, claiming decades of fast food consumption had caused him serious health problems.


Biotech Industry Makes its Imprint on City College

Biotech Industry Makes its Imprint on City College Human cloning, using embryos for research, and genetically-engineered fruits and vegetables are just a few controversies surrounding the Biotechnology industry. But these problems aren't slowing down a field that is growing faster than a genetically altered potato.

Rams Beat Seahawks, Run for Winning Streak Record City College's quest for a fourth-consecutive state football title is underway.
The Rams invaded Aptos on Sept. 14 to face the Cabrillo Seahawks at Carl Conelly Stadium for the first game of 2002 season.
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