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Volume 134, Issue 6

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Jeffrey Trinidad: Student Activist Passed Away at 27 Jeffrey "Makata" Trinidad, a City College student, poet, writer, mentor and campus organizer who co-founded Pilipinos for Education, Art, Culture and Empowerment (PEACE), died from heart failure during a PEACE club meeting held weekly at the Student Union.

Families, Friends Gather To Cope With Loss of Activist Jeff Trinidad's death is bridging a lot of people from different generations, racial and cultural backgrounds.

girl art boy art If City Arts Gallery Curator Jim Torlakson had intentionally set out to represent feminine and masculine aesthetics in American art, he could not do better than to set the juvenile, riot grrly work of Nancy Mizuno Elliott alongside the insects and crustaceans of Robert Horning.

Cafeteria Catwalk Consider the noon fashion shows presented in the cafeteria through Dec. 10, as educational trunk shows furnished by the fashion coordination class. They are occasions to see shrewd, cutting-edge, formal and casual must-haves for budget-minded students.

Should CCSF have shorter semesters?
Point By Joen Madonna
Counter-Point By James Gessner

Rants and Raves
Have you ever noticed how effortlessly animals travel in groups? Flocks of birds can unanimously change directions without slowing down or smacking into each other. Why can't humans do the same?

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Turkish Delight
By Jaime Lin
The bus attendant woke us up with a gentle shake. "Here," he said, in heavily accented English.
Here. We stretched our cramped muscles and looked outside. Strange, phallic rock formations and multi-colored mountains stood out against a blue-marble sky.

Once Invincible Rams Play Catch-Up to Slip Past Panthers 31-22 One of the toughest challenges in football is trailing in a game that's on your opponent's home turf. The City College Rams found themselves in that predicament on Nov. 16 against the Sacramento City College Panthers, but they never gave up - coming back from a 16-point deficit to shock the Panthers 31-22 at the colossal Hughes Stadium.
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