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Volume 134, Issue 6

Jeffrey Trinidad: Student Activist Passed Away at 27
Student union commemorates poet, writer, and campus organizer in birthday tribute


Friends paid tribute to Jeff (at right), leaving candles and flowers in the Student Union.
Jeffrey "Makata" Trinidad, a City College student, poet, writer, mentor and campus organizer who co-founded Pilipinos for Education, Art, Culture and Empowerment (PEACE), died from heart failure during a PEACE club meeting held weekly at the Student Union.

A resident of San Francisco, Trinidad was an ethnic studies major studying at City College since 1997. He was preparing to transfer to San Francisco State.

Trinidad dedicated his time to worthy causes between the Teatro ng Tanan (TnT), Lapu Lapu Day, Pilipino Unity Day, the Manilatown Heritage Foundation, the S.F. Veterans Equity Center, and the Veterano Project.

"There is a need for a counselor with cultural sensitivity, the counselors we have aren't showing that."

Jeff Trinidad
While a member of PEACE, Trinidad worked on many issues like fighting for ethnic studies and exposing the Filipino culture to students at City. He also helped push for more Filipino/ Filipino-American courses at City College and to create a Filipino retention program to increase Filipino students' academic success. He led a petition drive calling for a full-time bilingual counselor.

Trinidad once said: "There is a need for a counselor with cultural sensitivity, the counselors we have aren't showing that."

"It is a big loss because he was the backbone of PEACE," said Mary Ann Sasing, PEACE President. "Right now, we're trying to learn to stand on our own and to continue his work."

Ivy Climacosa, a PEACE member, said some of Trinidad's greatest strengths were his commitment to City College students and the entire Filipino community, as well as his belief in the importance of getting a relevant education.

Born in 1974, Trinidad did not make it to his 28th birthday. Students, family, and friends will celebrate it on Tuesday Nov. 12 at Club Malibu, on the corner of 30th and Mission St.

He is survived by his mother Nenette Trinidad.