City College San Francisco The Guardsman
Journalism DepartmentIndicator
Volume 134, Issue 6

Jeffrey Trinidad: Student Activist Passed Away at 27 Jeffrey "Makata" Trinidad, a City College student, poet, writer, mentor and campus organizer who co-founded Pilipinos for Education, Art, Culture and Empowerment (PEACE), died from heart failure during a PEACE club meeting held weekly at the Student Union.

Families, Friends Gather To Cope With Loss of Activist Jeff Trinidad's death is bridging a lot of people from different generations, racial and cultural backgrounds.

Republicans Take All 3 Branches
Republicans took control of all three branches of the federal government Nov. 5 in the midst of low voter-turnout nationwide and apathy from liberal voters who felt no representation of their ideals from Democratic politicians.

Election News Briefs
By Johnnie Carter, Jr.
Grier, Wong, Carter, Jr. Elected to Board of Trustees
Prop. 47 Statewide Construction Bond Passes

Healthy Eating Habits Start With Student Responsibility Remember when you were in high school and you never had time for breakfast? You were always too busy trying to look good for that girl or guy in math class so you never made time to eat.

Mission Campus: College Looking At Alternative Plans With the negotiations between City College and preservationists suspended, the administration is turning to a new plan for the Mission campus.

Double Parked Cars Add to Growing Traffic Problems
By Tomas Valdespino
It's Friday and you have just finished your last class. Getting into your car you put the windows down and crank up the radio.

Tech Committee To Develop Online Privacy Statement Swapping social security numbers for unique student identification numbers was only the first phase of City College's privacy agenda.