City College San Francisco The Guardsman
Journalism DepartmentIndicator
Volume 134, Issue 6

Rants and Raves

Rants and Raves
Have you ever noticed how effortlessly animals travel in groups? Flocks of birds can unanimously change directions without slowing down or smacking into each other. Why can't humans do the same?

My entire journey to school is littered with human cholesterol: the sidewalks are covered with multiple intermittent streams of people walking in different directions at different speeds. The same kind of people are driving cars and bikes, adding a little danger to the equation. I dodge, I swerve and eventually make my way down to the BART station.

Apparently I'm not the only one who has noticed this wave of ignorant behavior. Once downstairs I notice BART billboards that reflect my own appeals: "Please turn off your cellphones", "Relinquish seats to the elderly and persons with disabilities" and "Stay to the right while entering and exiting the train."

What do these signs say about our societyand our manners? Are we all so self-centered that we can't see that our impatience is slowing us down?

It got me thinking about what kind of signs would be put up at City College; "Turn off your cellphones in class", "Put garbage in GARBAGE CANS", "Respect your teachers", "Don't talk in class", "Arrive to class on time", "Stay awake", "PLease don't butt out your cigarettes on the ground", "Step to the right when walking, wellŠ EVERYWHERE", etcŠ

I feel like I have prematurely graduated to an early old cranky lady status! Ok, I'll say it: Kids these days!