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Volume 136, Issue 2

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Transgender Professor Granted Tenure
By Jim Powell

In a sign of the times, Bob Davis, a beaming bald man wearing a green silk gown and white heels, accepted tenure from City College on Aug. 28.

City College Ocean Campus Gets a Facelift
By Abbey Hayward
In 1997 a bond passed granting City College $50 million for construction and repair of certain buildings. Then again in 2001 Proposition A passed, giving City College a bond of $195 million for the same uses.

Interim Campus Security Chief Has Big Shoes to Fill
By Miles Harwell
With the retirement of long-time Chief Gerald DeGirolamo, the Campus Police Department at City College might have been left in disarray.

Muni Tells City College Students to Take a Fee Hike
Fare increases by 25 Cents

By Rob Nagle

Tuition increases have inflated the cost of staying at City College. And now rises in public transportation fees have boosted the price of getting there.


Art on campus
The legacy of the past and plans for the future
By Abbey Hayward
The sculptures and murals that adorn City College's Phelan campus lie in close proximity to nearly every building and facility, but nearly all the works remain nameless.

The what, when, who, where of art on campus

Breaking a leg on the Fringe
By Asiana Ponciano
Performing Artists Group feeds the animal of independent theater

Senior Student Appreciates City College's Vast Opportunities
By Eric W. Lien

Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Other People's Morality
By Ray Deplazes
Conservatives seek constitutional amendment to outlaw gay marriage

Environmental Policy Begins and Ends in our own Communities
By Jeffrey Blumenthal

Front Page

School Bus to Our Community
By Laurina Marcic

Find yourself sitting in traffic behind a caravan of cars waiting to enter the reservoir parking lot? Or maybe you're driving the neighborhood trying to outmaneuver other road jockeys for the last remaining parking space. There is an answer.

Photo Gallery: Peace in the Park


Rams crush Cabrillo 50-13
At first game of season the Rams overpower the Seahawks 50-13
By Todd Levinson

Towards the end of preseason, leading up to their September 6 home season opener against Cabrillo, Assistant Coach Dan Hayes said the team looked good but that you can't really know until they get out on the field with the clock running.

Rams run over West Valley 61-3
At their second game of the season, on September 13, the Rams dominated the West Valley Vikings who had a 5-5 record last year.

Soccer team wins on road, Plays poorly at first home game
By Todd Levinson

The soccer team went 3-0 on a weekend road trip to the Hartnell Tournament in Salinas, defeating last year's tournament champions and beating two other strong competitors.

Opinions are Like...
Blame it on the fans

By Todd Levinson

Judo club Builds Bonds

By Marlon Lumang

On Thursday nights, loud thumps rattle a small corner room in the south gym. While students throw and flip each other onto the mats, Mitchell Palacio, sensei of the City College Judo Club since 1984, screams, "What part of this is no fun?"

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