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Volume 136, Issue 5

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Student Activists Protest Police Brutality
By Ian Leiber

A student demonstration marking the 8th Annual National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality took place between the Rosenberg Library and Cloud Hall on Wednesday, Oct. 22.

Student Enrollment Decline: Budget Cuts or Not?
By Tara Carney
This year the number of students enrolled in the California community college system will decrease by 51,000. The last drop in enrollment of this magnitude has not been seen since 1995.

Student Satisfaction Survey
By Rob Nagle

A survey conducted by the Office of Research, Planning and Grants, which has been introduced to gauge students overall satisfaction with City College, found more than 25 percent of City College students who petitioned for graduation in 2001 and 2002 were unemployed and that training they received at City College did not help them find employment.

Southeast Asia Opens Doors to City College
By Rob Cruz
Students educated in Southeast Asian business practices

Upcoming Election Propositions You Should Know About
Your guide to the City and County of San Francisco November 4 ballot

Annual Wellness Fair Distributes Condoms and More
by Jim Powell

Nursing students Amber Fank and Felicia Lee, both wearing brightly-colored condoms attached to their clothing, urged passersby in Ram Plaza to attend the Annual Wellness Fair held Wednesday, Oct. 22 in the Student Union building.

Calling All Trannies, Friends and Supporters
The 5th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance will be held on Thursday, November 20 at 6 p.m. Participants will gather at 18th and Castro Streets in front of the Bank of America.

Students Take Prop. L Campaign to Stonestown Mall
By Zuri Berry
The Youth Workers United (YWU) decided to take their campaign for Proposition L straight to the workers at Stonestown mall on Oct. 10.

City College Crime Beat
compiled by Ian Leibert


City College Librarian Captures Inspiring Image of a Legendary Cultural Leader
By Rob Cruz

Maria V. Pinedo purchased a camera and drove to the Coachella Valley in 1973, volunteering to keep a visual record of the United Farm Workers Association (UFWA) and its inspirational leader, Cesar Chavez.

It's Alive!
A tradition hailing from a timezone 8 hours away beckoned Bay Area locals to Golden Gate Park to celebrate the re-opening of the DeYoung Museum.

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Skin Deep: Tattoo Removal
Emerson Javier Sanchez turned 25 last week. A snapshot of this marker in his life is an inspiring one.

Commitment Can Become a Nightmare
By Lubna Takruri

Halloween conjures up images of all that is scary to kids: spiders, witches, and razors in shiny red apples. For adults, regret is a pretty big fear, and regretting a tattoo is often followed by a frightening procedure.

By Lubna Takruri

Tattooing is an art form rooted in tribalism, which has been practiced for thousands of years. Other adornments such as piercings, green hair, or torn jeans may be easily left behind, but tattoos carry the connotation of permanence.

The LaVey House: A Spooky Place in San Francisco Photos by Colleen Cummins
Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997) was the notorious High Priest of the Church of Satan and author of the "Satanic Bible" and the"Satanic Witch".


Owls Claw at Rams, Rams Charge Back to Win 17-7
Rams face their first challenge of the season and come out on top

By Zuri Berry

Women's Volleyball:
After losing the first match, Rams win three straight to win the game
By Marlon Lumang

Opinions are like...
Better Athletes Through Modern Sports Chemistry

Let athletes take any drugs they want

By Todd Levinson

Football: 1948 Champions Relive Glory Days
Old friends and teammates gather for 55th reunion barbeque
By Zuri Berry

Football: NorCal Champions Play Less Games Than SoCal Champions
By Todd Levinson

Rams Bogged Down
by Crowded Defense
By Todd Levinson
Defense was the name of the game as Cañada community College crowded their backfield with defenders, clogging the Rams offense in a 0-0 tie at Balboa Park Boxer Stadium.

Men's Basketball:
New Coach Pumped for New Season

After internship with Bobby Knight at Texas Tech, coach returns to re-invigorate Rams

By Ben Schneider


This Opinion Piece Was Endorsed by God
By Kurt Poeltl

The vast majority of people in the Middle East view the war in Iraq as a religious struggle ­ a crusade against Islam. I'm not so sure it isn't.

Proposition H Would Bring Accountibility to S.F. Police
By Edward Hu
The breakdown of San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) oversight has led to an erosion of accountability.

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