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Volume 136, Issue 6

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Homeland Security Program Proposed
Getting students ready for the next attack

by Gennady Sheyner
City College of San Francisco's Administration of Justice Department is tentatively planning to launch a Homeland Security and disaster preparedness certification program that will train students in emergency response.

Emperor Hirohito Guilty in Mock Trial
by Lucy Kennedy

Babies tossed in the air for bayonet practice. Men hanged by their tongues, skinned alive, then eaten. Women raped multiple times.

Guardsman Wins Big
The Guardsman captured 26 awards at the annual Journalism Association of Community Colleges' Nor-Cal Conference held Oct. 25 at San Francisco State University.

City College Seeks Solution for Shortage of Parking
by Jonathan Farrell

Complaints about the lack of available parking on City College's Ocean campus by student's and administrators alike have not been ignored.

Al Franken Not Lying About Liars: Bush, Fox, Limbaugh
By Rob Cruz

A fair and balanced look at the conservative right by former Saturday Night Live comedian and author

Outlist Brings Visibility to City College LGBT Community
by Ronitte Libedinsky

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) Issues Sub-committee of the Diversity Commi-ttee published for the first time an Out List, a public listing of faculty and staff at City College of San Francisco who are LGBT.


Drumming Rhythms to the Brain
By Asiana Ponciano

It's two in the afternoon and Kwaku Daddy is in Ram Plaza surrounded by a crowd of students who are drumming, rattling and tapping to a single melodic rhythm.

Torklason's Americana
By Asiana Ponciano

Works by artist and City College drawing instructor James Torlakson, are on display in the City Arts Gallery until November 14.

JFK Spells Drama
By Jonathan Geilhufe
Amending history: What happens when a playwright puts a political figure on stage to ask, "What if?"

Front Page


Finding Time
By Lubna Takruri
Cradling a cake in her left arm, Carol Hudson glided through the most deplorable area of the Tenderloin to Willie Leech's building. Past the plywood entrance, through the shadowy hallways and up the elevator shaft, she brought her light into Leech's 8 by 8 foot room, if only for a little while.

Photo Gallery: El Dia de Los Muertos
Photos by Jorge Parada


Rams on the Road
Rams Ice Gladiators on Cold, Windy Day at Chabot

By Zuri Berry
After a close win over the Foothill Owls, the Rams returned to their winning ways two weeks ago beating the Chabot Community College Gladiators 48-10.

Rams Cage Panthers for Ninth Straight Win
By Zuri Berry
City College Football blew out the Sacramento Panthers 48-0 this Saturday in an explosion powered by the strength of their defense.

Men's Cross Country:
City Runner Blows Away Competition

By Tracy Held

Women's Cross Country:
Fully Equipped Team Back in Action

By Tracy Held

Memories Still Strong for '56 Baseball Team
By Todd Levinson

Nearly fifty years after he played his last game, 68-year-old Lew Flores was digging through reels of microfiche at the City College Rosenberg Library, searching for articles on the 1956 City College baseball team.

Opinions are like..
No-Win Situation for Karl Malone

By Todd Levinson


Conservatives Plan to Dismantle Domestic State
By Woody Miller

During the course of the twentieth century, our nation has made significant progress towards ensuring a certain level of protection and comfort for all of its citizens.

Don't Legalize the Weed
By Miles Harwell

Although I wasn't alive, I've heard numerous stories from relatives and teachers about the 1960s and how people lived the "hippie" days to the fullest.

Letter to the Editor:
Let's not jump to judgement on Governor Schwarzenegger

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