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Volume 136, Issue 7

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Murder Charge in Parking Lot Shooting
Philip Sands, 24, has been charged with the murder of his childhood friend in a parking lot at City College's Ocean Campus.

Student's Failure to Present ID Results in Marijuana Arrest
On Wednesday Oct. 22, Gustavo Fernandez, a student at City College was arrested on Ocean Campus.

Classes to be Taught Live on TV
A new type of interactive distancelearning class is in the works for students of City College via Cable.

Unseen Collector: Asian elders keep college grounds clean
Commonly seen in San Francisco's Chinatown, elderly Asian collectors have been moving about on campus grounds hoisting enormous bags full of recyclables picked up from our students who are less than environmentally savvy.

Colmes Defends Liberal Views in New Book
Liberal half of Fox News' "Hannity and Colmes" calls leftwing books that point out rightwing lies "mean-spirited."

City College HARTS its Homeless Students
The Homeless At Risk Transitional Studies program (HARTS) at City College has been quietly taking on one of the city's biggest and most divisive issues, how to help homeless people.

Tobacco Awareness Campaign to Continue on Campus
Student advocates continue education program
following approval of anti-tobacco policy statement

Campus Crime Log
The War on Terror In Numbers...
City College Campus: Partied Hard,
Totally Trashed...

Empty Orchestra Performers Fill Auditorium with Sounds of Music
Thirteen contestants with DVDs and a microphone competed for a top prize of $200 Friday night at the City College Asian Music Club's (AMC) eighth annual karaoke contest in the Visual Arts auditorium.

Blueprints for Red-hot Fashion
Fashion class puts together the latest styles for fall and winter
at this year's Fall Fling Fashion Show.

Taste Art in a Native Tongue at the Café Musée
An opportunity to enjoy a few hours of life as the French do: speaking the beautiful language, eating well and discussing art, is available to French language students as well as other francophiles.

City College Program Benefits from Women, Food, and Wine


GALLERY: The Shape of Protest to Come — Making the Missing Student

PROFILE: Artist Trades Special Effects for Grassroots and Ceramic In An Effort to Help California's Missing Community College Students

Front Page


Hats Off to the Singing Chef
It could be a musical. A boy from San Francisco begins cooking for his father's pizzeria, goes off to college, travels, embarks on a business career and eventually returns to his hometown to cook again, singing love songs along the way.

Photo Gallery: The Fashions of City College

Conference Champions!
Undefeated Rams Cruise Past Roadrunners

Changing of the Guard:
Rams Star Running Back Tim Brown Passes Torch

Opinions are like...
Oh Nellie! Give Don Nelson Some Love

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