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Volume 136, Issue 7


Hats Off to the Singing Chef

by Charlette Cook
Guest Writer

It could be a musical. A boy from San Francisco begins cooking for his father's pizzeria, goes off to college, travels, em-barks on a business career and eventually returns to his hometown to cook again, singing love songs along the way.

Self-described "romantic crooner, French Chef and philosopher" Nick Diamos prepares a pizza as part of his Culinary Arts training at City College.

Nick Diamos, 53, grew up in San Francisco and worked in his father's Mission District pizzeria and hamburger stand, Minichiello's. In 1971 he received an AA from City College. After graduating from San Francisco State University in '74, he bounced around Paris for a year. He came back to San Francisco and worked in various professions, including 20 years as a paralegal typist. In between typing gigs, Diamos loved to sing.

Before Diamos attended the Community Music Center in San Francisco in 1995, he had no formal voice training or experience, aside from some college theater. Kathy Cole, the Center's receptionist, says Diamos studied violin and voice for two years. She describes him as a "charming fellow" who always gave her a chuckle. She thinks it's "perfect" that he enrolled in the Culinary Arts Program at City College. "He was so exuberant and energetic and I think those are some qualities found in a lot of good chefs," Cole says.

Before his decision to go all out in the kitchen Diamos performed songs from the 40's and 50's with a small ensemble but he started to sing solo when he had to lighten onslaught of new menus, sauces, pots and pans. "I am desperately trying to keep a positive outlook, sometimes I need help just finding an ingredient I need for a dish in this huge kitchen," he said. "My goal is to be happy."

The Fashions of City College

Photos by Rosalind Kwan and Norma Perez-Brema

"Model" students (and their friends) strutted their stuff at two of the fall fashion shows organized by the City College Fashion Coordination department. Above, photos by Rosalind Kwan, from the November 4 "Muse Me" fashion show held at the Phelan Campus Student Cafeteria. Below, photos by Norma Perez-Brema, from the November 6 "It's a Street Thang" show. From left to right, models Jamal Liggin, Vince Lau, Tomoko Yamaguchi, Charlotte Gage.