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Volume 136, Issue 8

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Transgender Day of Remembrance: Solemnity, Sorrow
By Jim Powell
Nearly 200 demonstrators lit candles and marched down Market Street as part of the Sixth Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance on Nov. 20 to memorialize tran-sgenders murdered in hate crimes.

City College Reserves Could be the Next to Go to Iraq
By Gennady Sheyner
In a move that may affect some of the roughly 100 City College students who serve as reserves in the United States armed forces, the Department of Defense has begun to alert and mobilize thousands of fresh troops for duty in Iraq as part of the its force rotation program.

No Virus for City College
By Ian Leibert
City College has successfully stood its ground in the fight to repel the multitude of computer viruses and Internet worms that have caused major damage to many college campuses across the nation.

New Mission Theater Makes Multi-Million Migraine
By Melissa Pamer

City College officials thought they had found a cure for the 25-year headache caused by the long-delayed Mission campus expansion when they purchased the New Mission Theater and adjacent Giant Value store in 1998.

Budget Cuts Inspire Art
By Jerome Steegmans
In an attempt to bolster awareness and support of community college issues in the face of pending budget cuts, City College Dean of Governmental Relations Leslie Smith has masterminded "The Missing Community College Student," a statewide art installation project.

Lawyer Elucidates Brown Act
By Carolyn Johnston

The Brown Act, a California law mandating open government meetings, implements the Founding Fathers' vision of government of, by and for the people, according to a First Amendment lawyer who spoke on November 17 at City College
• Highschool Journalism Day
• Graffitti is OK'd

A Glowing Sense of Imagery Times Three
By Lubna Takruri
A myriad of art worlds mingle side by side in "Illuminations," the current exhibit at the City Arts Gallery. The three-artist collaborative features abstract depictions of light and shadow, surreal influences and spiritual and archetypal symbols.

Sumiko California Shows Her Film "Sweetest Compassion"
By Asiana Ponciano
Some say first impressions are everything. Upon meeting Sumiko California and her good friend Gunther Palmer, first impressions are everything but forgettable.

GALLERY: The Shape of Protest to Come — Making the Missing Student

PROFILE: Artist Trades Special Effects for Grassroots and Ceramic In An Effort to Help California's Missing Community College Students

Front Page

From XY to GQ
The Journey from simply male to super-attractive

By Elizabeth Davis
When asked if she prefers men with hairy bodies or smooth bodies, a 31-year-old political science major responded emphatically, "No hair! Body hair is so gross. No body hair is a definite requirement for me, preferably every body part should have no hair, but you can't always get what you want."


Rams #1 in Northern California
Close win over Reedley sends Rams to state title bout in Bakersfield
By Zuri Berry
After beating the reigning state champion Reedley Tigers 27-21 at the City College Hawaiian Punch Bowl last Saturday, the Rams are this years Northern Cali-fornia Champions.

Cross Country:
Men and Women Faster than Last Year at State Championships Fresno
By Tracy Held
City College finished cross country season at the California Community College State Championships in Fr-esno on Nov. 22. The City College men's team placed 14 out of 17, and the women placed 16 out of 17.

Rams Dunk Tigers 80-53
By Ben Schneider

NBA Rookie of the Year Up for Grabs

By Miles Harwell

Looking Forward to Some Downtime
By Tracy Held
The first clue that I was doing too much was when I bought a copy of "Medita-tions for Women Who Do Too Much" by Anne Wilson Schaff for a friend and kept it for myself.

Shock and Awful:
The Year in Review

By Kurt Poeltl

Before we recall 2003 let's first flashback to the 80's to gain some perspective: when bin Laden and Saddam were our allies and Mike Tyson was a boxer; when Bri
tney Spears was only a zygote and zygotes didn't have rights; when the Patriot Act was only a play in Boston and George W. Bush was just another failed businessman with a DUI.

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