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Jose and Adelita Bonilla prevent and care for athlete's injuries on a daily basis in the trainers room located in the South gym. The brother and sister handle athletes from all the athletic programs.


The stench of a Bengay-like muscle ointment catches your sense of smell off guard. It’s a room in the gy that is always bustling with traffic; it’s not necessarily well lit. About four exam tables sit on the right side of the room. It is not very inviting, but to many people this room is very comforting and a necessity in their daily routine. This room is controlled by brother/sister athletic trainers Jose and Adelita Bonilla who have made it their home

The trainer’s room lies in the south gym where on a daily basis athlete after athlete walks in looking to get their injury worked on. At times the trainer’s room may seem fast-paced and out of control.

“Its controlled chaos,” Jose said. “It’s our mess…we control it.”

Jose and Adelita attended San Francisco State University straight out of high school. They are only 13 months apart with Jose being the elder. There they took similar core classes in prevention and care. Although they were taking the same classes they were unaware that they had similar goals in mind. They were going down different paths and it wasn’t until their last year that that they realized they were heading into related fields.

“Its funny, we both came into it by accident,” Adelita said. “It was like ‘guess what I’ll be doing…hey me too."

After State, Jose landed a job here at City as the sole athletic trainer while Adelita was doing physical therapy at Burlingame high school. They were fortunate enough to work together time to time. They’ve worked at the annual East vs. West Shrine game, local basketball tournaments and for the San Jose Sabercats of the Arena Football League.

Some may wonder what it would be like to work with your sibling but to Jose and Adelita it is professional but at the same time fun.

“We understand each other. Were on the same wavelength, there’s no ego problem,” Jose said.

“We work perfect together”, Adelita said. “Our strengths as well as weaknesses compliment each other.”

Two years ago there was a job opening to add another athletic trainer to the department. As soon as Jose heard about it he knew his sister would be prefect for the job and he contacted her immediately.

“He told me ‘you will apply and you will get an interview,’” Adelita said. “I felt it was time for a change. I was at the right place at the right time.”

As the two athletic trainers who handle all the teams, they share a great deal of responsibility. The main thing they do is prevention and care of athletic injuries. They also make sure athletes are wearing proper safety equipment; they plan out rehab programs, use heat and ice to treat injuries, make sure athletes follow a good diet and also educate the athletes on their injury. That is just a small chunk of what they do. They do so many different things in a day it would be too much to list. But what they take most pride in is providing a comfortable place for athletes.

 “The more comfortable they feel, the quicker their body will heal,” Jose said.

The atmosphere in the trainer’s room is definitely comfortable. Athletes walk in and out. Some drop in just to hang out and say ‘hi’. Every body seems to know each other. The athletes feel good around Jose and Adelita.

 "They work in a professional yet approachable manner,” said Sherrita Cole of the track and field team, as she gets her foot taped by Adelita before practice. “They make you feel comfortable. They are really good at what they do.”

Coaches often praise they work they do, noticing that their athletes are missing less practices and coming to the field more prepared.

“It feels good knowing that were being recognized,” Adelita said.

Jose and Adelita play an important role in the athletic department. The prevention and care they provide to student athletes gives all the athletic programs a better chance to succeed.

So next time you walk into the south gym and notice  dozens of athletes walking back and forth crowding the inside and outside of the trainer’s room, don’t worry about it. It’s the norm. Jose put it best when describing the place. “Remember that show MASH, it’s like that. People coming in-and-out and we throw jokes in the middle of it all.”











The Rams dealt Ohlone their third loss of the season on Friday, Feb. 16.
With the win City College gained much needed momentum heading into the playoffs. They solidified a successful season with a finishing record of 27-5 overall and 10-2 in their conference.
The Rams are looking to go all the way to the state championship. Last year they were one win away from going until they lost to West Valley College in the semifinals of a controversial win.