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October 25, 1999 - November 7, 1999
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Diego Rivera Becomes a High-Tech Exhibit -- Diego Rivera's arresting Pan American Unity mural, currently installed in the City College Diego Rivera Theater, will be viewed by an entirely new set of people in an entirely new way thanks to new technologies. 10/25/99

Guardsman Continues Journalism Tradition -- Continuing a long tradition of journalistic excellence,the Guardsman staff garnered 21 awards at the conference of the Journalism Association of Community Colleges (JACC), Northern California Conference, held October 16 at San Jose State University. 10/25/99

Cancer Industry Brings Cancer and Environment Information to City College -- Women health groups, cancer survivors and community groups living near cancer-causing chemicals producers will reconvene on Oct. 27 to denounce the existing link between pollution and cancer; and will bring environmental information to City College students on Oct. 26 at Rosenberg Library, room 305 and on Wednesday, Oct. 27, "The Sixth Annual Cancer Industry Tour" which will begin at 12 p.m. in front of the Chevron headquarters at 555 Market Street. 10/25/99

Girl Talk: Sex the Way We Want It -- Condoms and bananas were the preferred tools in a safe sex workshop titled "Girl Talk" held at the Rosenberg Library by the Women's Studies department on Oct. 12. 10/25/99

Dog Bites Man, Teachers Sue Students -- After two years of heated debate, a group of City College professors have filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of the teacher review web site and charging that it is used as a defamatory forum to anonymously attack faculty members. 10/25/99

Hunters Point Welcomes Preservation Park -- The Hunters Point/ Bayview district in San Francisco is now able to welcome a new, rare addition to their community that few other communities nationwide can relate to: Heron's Head Park, previously known as Pier 98 is one of only a few wetlands located in an industrialized area in the entire country. 10/25/99

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Haunted in San Francisco -- San Francisco is a place where almost every walk of life can be dispensed, even the dead. At one time, San Francisco relocated all but two cemeteries to nearby counties. One might say, “I don’t believe in ghosts!”;  but some may believe the presence of the past still exists in this city despite the fact that the physical corpses’ have been moved.  10/25/99

Urban Legends of S.F. -- Ever walk down the streets at night and feel those tingly sensations behind your body or the hairs that stand up on end?  Well it just may be the presence of spirits and ghosts trying to get your attention. Rumors have it, San Francisco has its own bunch of its ghostly urban stories. 10/25/99

Coffee: Socially Acceptable Addiction -- Society is looking the other way when it comes to accepting caffeine addiction. “Don’t even talk to me until I have my coffee!”, is now a commonly heard phrase.  10/25/99

Horoscopes --  10/25/99

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Worker Bees: Flight of the Messenger -- It’s 7 a.m. You have to go to work. You could be sleeping if it weren’t for the shrill, unrelentless, demanding shrieks of your alarm clock. Worse yet, it’s a beautiful morning which will inevitably lead to a beautiful day, that you will only be able to enjoy on your forty-five minute lunch break. Outside, the world is enjoying their freedom as you breathe in recycled cubicle air. Work rocks.  10/25/99

Computer Giveaway -- Here’s a sweet deal: a free computer that you build yourself, as part of Engineering and Technology (ET) course next spring at City College. 10/25/99

Alphabet Soup: The Whole Truth and Nothing But... -- In the information age, everyone can be a junk e-mailer. Everyone can publish a Web site. This flood of information brings up a credibility problem. Who is giving you all this information and is any of it true?  10/25/99

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P.T. Says: Art for Nuts Sake -- Mayor Willie “Shopping Cart” Brown wants to take away the shopping carts used by San Francisco’s homeless (unless it gives votes to the other candidates). It seems though, that those wonderful folks at “Poor” magazine want to help the homeless keep their conveyances.  10/25/99

Letter to the Editor -- Dear Editor : I have recently received several inquiries about the College’s Student Complaint Process.  f10/25/99

Where Was Willie ???? -- Now that the Mayoral Debate at City College is over and the gag order is lifted from my mouth, I can divulge the truth. Some of the ideas of the lesser known candidates are pretty good, if you were listening. 10/25/99

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Arts & Entertainment

Riverdance -- The curtain rises and you are in what appears to be the moors of Ireland as the night air fills with the soft, beckoning sounds of a low whistle, setting the stage as Riverdance — The Show opens at the Orpheum Theatre, San Francisco for a limited engagement through Sunday, Oct. 31. 10/25/99

There Is No Such Thing as Race: We Are All Related -- “All of us are related, each of us is unique”, is the topic of City College’s ongoing photo exhibit on the scientific mythology of race.  10/25/99

Halloween Video Picks -- Hey; horror, monster and slasher flick freaks of San Francisco, Halloween is here; and your favorite video store has the best in home-scare entertainment! It’s impossible to keep the chills from running up and down your spine as you pick a bone-freezing movie to scare the what-was-that-noise out of you. Don’t scream, I’m right here, and I have the motherload of fright that will make you wet your pants. 10/25/99

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Wilt Chamberlain: A Young Fan's Appreciation -- Wilt Chamberlain died in his Los Angeles home on Tuesday, October 12, of suspected heart failure. Chamberlain holds the record for scoring the most points in one game (100 in 1962). 10/25/99

Lady Rams in the Winning Volleyball Mode -- It could have been the water, or the excitement, the women’s volleyball team was so energetic after their ( 15-7, 15-3, 15-7 ) win over West Valley, that a few of the teammates had a water fight. 10/25/99

This week's sports.

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