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May 15, 1998
This is the last issue of the semester
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New Page Turned in Contract Negotiations -- After months at a virtual standstill, there are signs that progress has been made in the labor negotiations between the Service Employees International Union 790 (SEIU 790), the American Federation of Teachers Local 2121 (AFT 2121), and the board of trustees.  By Tracy Benshoof, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

$9 Million Deficit Surprises Finance Chair -- A plan to avoid falling into another $9 million deficit was discussed Tuesday, April 21, in a joint meeting between the budget and planning committee and the City College board of trustees finance committee.  By Anthony J. Gallela, Guardsman A&E Editor, 5/15/98

Many New Students Don't Matriculate, Study Finds -- An investigation to reveal the impact of matriculation services on City College of San Francisco students found that many new students somehow slip through the matriculation process entirely.  By Kelly Lugtigheid, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

City College Is Safer, Report Says -- Most crime on City College of San Francisco campuses has declined over the past few years, but reported assaults have risen slightly, according to a recent police report.  By Toby Woller, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

New Media Institute to Focus on Bilingual Students -- City College is planning a new Mission Media Institute, which will provide bilingual education and hands-on experience for students looking to enter bilingual radio, television or print journalism.  By Jacqueline Alvarez, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

In Memorium 1997 - 1998 -- Obituaries, by Tomomi Yokomura, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

Can You Afford to Snack These Days? -- City College students were upset to discover this semester that the prices at catering trucks on campus were raised over winter break, even though the goods sold have not been upgraded in quality and no new items are being sold.  By Kelly Lugtigheid, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

Balancing School and Work Is a Tricky Task -- For most City College students, the sign of the times should read, "Help Wanted." More and more students are earning a paycheck either by choice or due to the sheer pressure of getting a meal on the table at dinner time.   By Derrick D. Cua, Guardsman Contributing Writer, 5/15/98

Does Your Job Fit Your Personality? -- Nora Lockwood Tooher, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 6/7/98

Ethics Professor Helps Future Naval Officers Prepare for Tough Situations -- Bryan Woolley, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 6/7/98

USC Professor Works Toward the Future -- Michell R. Davis, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 6/7/98

High School Shooting Earns Disturbing Praise on Internet -- Helen Kennedy, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 6/7/98

Clemson Provides Network of 'Virtual Laptops' -- Christine Crumbo, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 6/7/98

Eight Schools Leave Western Athletic Conference -- College Press Service, 6/7/98

U.C. Berkeley May Have Overcharged U.S. $100 Million -- College Press Service, 6/7/98

USC Students Won't Be Able to Charge Their Education -- Christine Crumbo, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 6/7/98

Critics Seek Crackdown on Scientific Cheaters -- Marian Uhlman, Knight-Ridder Newspapers, 6/7/98

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Listen to the Universe -- If you have an unlimited curiosity about the universe, you should be pleased to learn that City College’s astronomy department will soon be offering a new class focusing on its most recent and exciting acquisition — a radio telescope.  By Mari Ayala, Guardsman Contributing Writer, 5/15/98

The B-Files:  Don't Be Afraid to Make Them Sweat -- Column by Jennifer Balderama, Guardsman Editor in Chief, 5/15/98

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Teacher Review:   Ignorance Breeds Censorship

Letter to the Editor -- From John Caldera, Inter-Club Council vice president, 5/15/98

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Arts & Entertainment
South Park Mania Abounds -- It’s Christmas Eve, and the TV studio is empty except for a lone figure. Why, it’s Jesus sitting behind a birthday cake, singing, "Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday to me."  By Eugene D. Bronstein, Guardsman Online Editor, 5/15/98

Ragtime Remembered -- CCSF music instructor records a tribute, reviewed by Carole L. Word, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

Movie Reviews -- reviewed by Anthony J. Gallela, Guardsman A&E Editor, 5/15/98

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City College Track Stars Compete with the Best in NorCal Finals -- Andre Ammons and Renee Warner stole the show when the City College track team hosted top athletes from 30 community colleges at the 1998 Northern California Finals.  By Michael Kushner, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

Tennis Players Place Second in Conference -- City College’s women’s tennis team finished a great season with an impressive 12-3 overall record.  By Britt Newton, Guardsman Sports Editor, 5/15/98

Field of Dreams -- The City College baseball team ended their frustrating 35-game season with a 7-6 win over De Anza at Skyline College.  By Miguel Huerta, Guardsman Staff Writer, 5/15/98

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