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March 8, 1999 - March 22, 1999
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Staff box, Spring 1999
Financial Aid -- Moves to Improve -- Financial aid problems may be improving on campus because of several changes to the current system, as well as a move planned for the end of this semester. 3/8/99

Muslim Students Celebrate Black History Month -- In celebration of Black History Month, Amir Abdel Malik Ali presented a lecture entitled "The Legacy Of Malcolm X" to a diverse crowd of 100 people in the Smith Hall Cafeteria on Wed., February 23, at an event sponsored by nine clubs. 3/8/99

Inauguration Gala for the Board of Trustees -- Lawerence Wong and Anita Grier, two graduates of City College, were sworn into top positions on the board of trustees by Superior Court Judge Lillian K. Sing during a gala inauguration event held Feb. 25 on the Phelan campus. 3/8/99

Bi-Gala Up-In-Arms Against Military -- The Bi-Gala club protested Thursday, February 25, in Ram Plaza against the United States Marine Corps recruiting booth by setting up a booth just a few feet away and handing out information regarding student privacy rights along with their right to withhold information. 3/8/99

Board of Trustees Profiles -- Profiles of Lawrence Wong and Dr. Anita Grier. 3/8/99.

Crime Watch -- 3/8/99

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From Other Colleges (U-Wire)
N.J. Gov. Whitman Speaks on Republican Future -- New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R) urged the nation to look to the states for leadership Wednesday, saying state leaders managed real issues last year while Congress and the White House battled over the recent scandal.  3/8/99

Researchers Tether the Velocity of Light to 38 Miles Per Hour -- Light travels at 186,282 miles per second in a vacuum. But a physics team in Boston, including Prof. Steve E. Harris of Stanford's Applied Physics and Electrical Engineering Departments, has managed to slow down the speed of light to 38 miles per hour  3/8/99

Legal Counsel Warns Distance Learning Faculty of Web Copyright Concerns -- Faculty members need to be wary of copyright laws when trying to use Internet-based distance education, according to an Ohio State associate legal counsel.   3/8/99

U. Wisconsin Student Reports Another Swstika Graffiti Incident -- A U. Wisconsin-Madison student reported swastikas etched on his car Monday, in what appears to be the second anti-Semitic incident in as many weeks.   3/8/99

U. of Arkansas Students Protest Disney Recruiter Visit -- Members of the Campus Democracy Collective performed an ad-hoc theater piece to protest Disney's use of sweatshop labor at the Disney corporation's college recruitment session at the Reynolds Center recently.  3/8/99

Michigan State U. Students Change Ethnicity in Official School Records -- About 15 Chicano and Latino students became "white" Thursday.  3/8/99

Disabled Students Serve Berkeley With Bias Suit -- the first campus in the nation to offer services to disabled students -- discriminates against students who are hearing-impaired, according to students who yesterday filed a federal discrimination lawsuit against the university.  3/8/99

Minnesota's First Depression Discrimination Case on Appeal -- In 1995, former University employee Robert Shaw sued the University for discrimination after being fired from his job as a Facilities Management project manager. He claimed he was discriminated against because of job-related depression; a jury awarded him more than $500,000 in compensatory damages in January 1998.   3/8/99

More News From Other Colleges -- Prior to 3/8/99

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Protection for Furry Protectors -- A valued member of the San Francisco Police Department gave his life in 1995 while defending his partners. The victim, Sendy, was shot and killed by a hidden gunman waiting in ambush. Though mortally wounded, Sendy was able to bite the gunman who then yelled out and alerted officers of his whereabouts. 3/8/99

Concrete Curves -- With the recent balmy weather there has been a mass migration outdoors by City College students looking to enjoy those midday snacks and uncontrollable cravings for nicotine. One of City College’s nicest getaways for such festivities is the sculpture deck located in front of Batmale Hall. 3/8/99

Ask Nurse Esther Ether -- 3/8/99

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Copyright Risks Loom As Cost of CD Burners Falls -- As the price of personal CD–ROM recorders continues to fall, the University of Florida’s increasingly technology-savvy students are buying them for a number of different purposes, leaving the software industry to worry about copyright violations. 3/8/99

Alphabet Soup -- Faster Web Travels by Kilobit -- Last issue we looked at how Web pages get to your browser. In this issue, we'll take a look at the most important way you can speed up the World Wide "Wait." 3/8/99

Personality Tests a Boon to Job Seekers -- Personality assessments are becoming the hottest items in the employee screening process. If you are looking for a job, you can expect to be tested! 3/8/99

Learning and Earning at Your Finger Tips -- Study 24-7SM is a new web site that offers students from across North America the opportunity to review quality class notes for specific courses. Students can also study in online discussion groups, chat with friends and more – all for free. This site ( is the first of its kind and enables students to study online, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 3/8/99

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Animals Are People Too -- On a tuesday morning, 18-year-old Sonny Anderson evidently attacked a few petting zoo animals at Hayward Park. A security guard at the site was the first person to notice any suspicious, or should I say, stupid activity. This leads — begs — one to ask, "What in the world is this inept individual’s story?" 3/8/99

P. T. Says -- We're Sorry, So Sorry -- Now that the impeachment trial is over, we need to be healed. I propose a government-funded 12-step program, to be called Republicans Anonymous. The purpose: to help die-hard rich, white Republicans rejoin the human race and become a born-again Democrat. 3/8/99

Jerry Falwell's Foolishness -- Jerry Falwell’s most recent display of stupidity and paranoid homophobia has created a feeding frenzy among political satirists and late-night talk show hosts. After all, someone or something had to fill the void now that the Lewinsky-Clinton circus is over. 3/8/99

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Arts & Entertainment
The City College Jazz Band Swings -- 1974  marked the dawning of an era at City College with the arrival of new stage band coordinator and all around jazz aficionado, David Hardiman. 3/8/99

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels Hits the Bull's-eye -- Guy Ritchie’s directing debut, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, is as hip as it is intelligent. 3/8/99

The Duke, Still King of Swing -- April 29, 1999 marks the centennial of the birth of Duke Ellington, one of America’s most prolific and widely recognized composers of the 20th century. 3/8/99

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Lady Rams Let Playoff Game Slip Away -- The Lady Rams (16-11) were upset by the women from College of the Sequoias (14-12) 52-47 in the first round of the Nor-Cal regional playoffs. 3/8/99

Oh Canada! The Rams' New Member From North of the Border -- Growing up in Brampton, Ontario Dave Badovinac idolized Colorado Rockie’s all-star rightfielder Larry Walker. He enjoyed Walker so much he decided to follow his steps and bring his game from Canada to the states.  3/8/99

Cha Cha Off to Cooperstown -- Baby Bull, Orlando Cepeda, was honored, at long last, with an induction into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Cepeda becomes the second Puerto Rico native to be inducted into the hall, the other being the late, great Roberto Clemente. 3/8/99

Basketball Loss to Sacramento -- The men’s basketball team lost to Sacramento City College in the first round of the regional playoffs in Sacramento on Friday, Feb. 26. The game went into overtime but the Rams couldn’t hang on. 3/8/99

Tell Tale Signs -- 3/8/99

This week's sports.


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