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March 8, 1999 - March 21, 1999
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Oh Canada! The Rams' New Member
From North of the Border


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By Terrence Greene
Guardsman Staff Writer
Published Mar. 8, 1999

This week's sports schedule.


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clear column spacer Growing up in Brampton, Ontario Dave Badovinac idolized Colorado Rockie’s all-star rightfielder Larry Walker. He enjoyed Walker so much he decided to follow his steps and bring his game from Canada to the states. So far the Rams are pleased with his decision to join them on the field. Going into the Solano tournament (Feb. 26-28) Badovinac had a record of 2-1 on the mound, with one complete game victory to his credit. Although he has struggled a bit at the plate he ranks third on the team in runs scored (10), and second in home runs (1). "I started a bit slow (hitting). It probably stems from me being nervous, but the last two tournaments I’ve become much more comfortable." Badovinac added, "I have been pretty satisfied with my pitching so far."

When he’s not on the mound Badovinac plays firstbase. Badovinac admits he likes to play both positions. When asked which position he enjoys more he replied, "It depends on when you ask. If I’m hitting well, I’ll say firstbase, if I’m pitching well I’d say pitcher."

Badovinac was a two-sport athlete at Brampton Centennial High School. He starred in both baseball and football. He made varsity all four years, making all-league as a pitcher once, and once as a first baseman.

He decided to come to City College after talking with Coach Ron Witmeyer and coming on a vacation with his father. "I enjoyed the weather, that was a main factor in my decision to come here."

A criminology major, Badovinac would like to teach one day and possibly become a principal in either an elementary or high school.

The Rams have begun the year 9-6 against tough competition. The optimism around the program is very high. "I think we have a really good shot to win it all. I’m not sure about the other clubs around the league, but our performance so far has shown me we should be pretty competitive."



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