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April 26, 1999 - May 9, 1999
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Staff box, Spring 1999
City College Makes Move Toward China -- A joint plan by City College officials and Chinese business interests to establish an American-style educational program in China has raised concerns about academic freedom, possible discriminatory practices and censorship. 4/26/99

Student Union Mural Defaced As Paint Dries -- The mural designed by City College students depicting the cultural diversity of the student body, painted outside the student union building, was vandalized when an image of two women engaging in a kiss was defaced sometime between the evening of Monday, March 22 and the morning of Tuesday March 23. 4/26/99

Plaque Attack -- City College jounalism students won a total of 35 awards at the Journalism Association of Community Colleges’ Annual Journalism Conference in "on the spot" and "mail in" competitions. 4/26/99

Davis Brings Retired Faculty $.67 Billioon -- On April 19, Californian Governor Gray Davis, along with U.S. Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and other state and local officials, delivered to the California Retired Teachers Association the first of seven checks worth $36 million dollars (each) for the CRTA pension fund. The presentation took place in the Diego Rivera Theater at City College of San Francisco. 4/26/99

Matt Gonzales to Run for District Attorney Seat -- Matt Gonzalez, a San Francisco deputy public defender, kicked off his election campaign for district attorney on April 13 with a public reception held at the Four Walls Gallery, in the Mission District. 4/26/99

Crime Watch -- 4/26/99

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From Other Colleges (U-Wire)
Some U. Wisconsin Student Records Could Become Public -- (U-WIRE) MADISON, Wis. -- Possible changes being considered to UW-Madison student records policies could allow parents additional access to their children's records - including information about drinking penalties and sexual misconduct.  4/23/99

UC Berkeley Dean Denies Cooperating to Clear-Cut  Proposed Park Land -- The dean of University of California-Berkeley's College of Natural Resources denied accusations Thursday that he was involved in a land purchase scheme that would result in the destruction of more than 400 acres of forestry.  4/23/99

East Lansing Bans Some Michigan State Students from Town After Riots -- A decision to ban certain people from East Lansing because of their alleged involvement in the March 27-28 riot has drawn criticism from the American Civil Liberties Union.  4/22/99

Student Anti-Sweatshop Protests  Spread Across Country -- As nationwide anti-sweatshop protests continued Wednesday - with sit-ins staged at two universities - representatives from a number of schools met at University of Wisconsin-Madison to discuss administrative response.  4/22/99

U. Arizona Anti-Sweatshop Activists Take Over President's Office -- About 30 student activists and other supporters Wednesday night remained camped out in University of Arizona President Peter Likins' office, demanding his endorsement on their workers' rights resolution.  4/22/99

UC Students Portest Sweatshop Labor in Making College Label Goods -- On Friday, Richard Atkinson's office in Oakland, in what is being referred to as a "media blitz," concerned UC students plan to join other community members who oppose sweatshop labor and the appearance of sweatshop garments in university bookstores.  4/22/99

'Naked Milers' From U. Michigan Run, Celebrate Safely -- Crowding apartment balconies, clinging to street lampposts and filling campus sidewalks, about 20,000 people turned out last night to witness the Naked Mile - an annual tradition that celebrates the last day of classes.  4/21/99

Nebraska Law Faculty Votes Down Anti-Discrimination Measure -- The faculty of the University of Nebraska College of Law voted down a motion Tuesday that would have affirmed the college's compliance with the university's nondiscrimination policy.  4/21/99

Breast Cancer Drug Performance Pleases Duke U. Physicians -- Seven months after the breast cancer drug Herceptin won approval from the Food and Drug Administration, doctors from the Duke U. Medical Center say they are excited by the drug's performance. Herceptin won national notice when researchers began claiming that the treatment could revolutionize cancer treatment.  4/21/99

More News From Other Colleges -- Prior to 4/26/99

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The Depths People Will Go To -- On burnt farmland that only a scam artist could sell, the area surrounding The Forestiere Gardens of Fresno, California, is quickly filling with highways, homes, and businesses. Where a young Sicilian arrived with nothing more than a dream for something better, today land developers flock with offers of large sums of money. The Forestiere family does not want to sell, and a garden in the ground continues to grow well into its fiftieth year. 4/26/99

Ask Nurse Esther Ether -- 4/26/99

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Career Fair '99 -- This year one of the biggest college career fairs came to City College of San Francisco. Hundreds of eager students came to Rosenberg Library on Wednesday, April 15 to gain experience in encountering over 50 potential employers such as Banana Republic, FedEx, San Francisco Aids Foundation, United Airlines, and UPS, just to name a few. 4/26/99

Alphabet Soup: More Interactivity -- In the last issue, we looked at Web page interactivity provided by server-based programs. Now we examine programs that are downloaded to your computer from a Web page. 4/26/99

"Shy" or "Shine" -- Shyness, it could be your biggest enemy for preventing you from being proactive in life. 4/26/99

Business and Technology Grads Lead in Today's Job Market -- The National Association of Colleges and Employers recently released some promising statistics about the immediate future of graduating college seniors. 4/26/99

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Kosovo -- Kosovo is confusion. Why is the United States meddling with a sovereign nation’s civil war and centuries old ethnic conflict? President Clinton said, "We cannot stand for genocide." Oh really? Where was America during the 1994 Rwanda, Africa Hutus and Tutsi’s conflict? The Hutus hacking reportedly over one million minority Tutsis and moderate Hutus to death by machetes, clubs with nails, hoes, and even kitchen knives as America stood by and did nothing to stop this genocide. 4/26/99

P. T. Says -- Bring Out Your Dead! -- I think it’s clear this country needs to clean up politics. The distrust and dislike of so many office holders endanger the underpinnings of our democracy. We need better role models. We need dead people running for office. 4/26/99

Campus Query -- 4/26/99

Stick to the Facts or Stick to the Isssues? -- Letter to the Editor. 4/26/99

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Arts & Entertainment
The Sensual, Consuming, Professional Art of Dancing -- Tango, the Argentinian dance film directed by Carlos Saura, which was nominated to compete in the Academy Awards’ Best Foreign Film category, is a lyrical and sensual landscape of light and movement, so rich in fluid, graceful movement that it lifts the spirits to its own dimension, the vibrant, saucy, sexy tango.  4/26/99

Concert/Lecture Series -- 4/26/99

Petty's Homegrown Rock -- There’s not too much you can count on in roc k n’ roll music these days. With legends like Eric Clapton and U2 adopting more club-friendly, computer generated drum beats, and the not so recent craze of hip-hop cleaning up the charts, good old rock-’n’-roll is looking more and more like the beached whale of the American music scene. Enter Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, whose latest release from Warner Brothers, Echo, proves that homegrown, straight-up classic rock still has a few faithful soldiers left in its army. 4/26/99

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Rams Bucking for Playoff Spot -- The Rams took on San Jose City College April 13 with the playoffs a definite possibility. Casey Handy pitched six innings giving up eight runs on six hits. The Rams got the win thanks to a seven run fourth inning. Catcher Chris Dunne had a three run double in the fourth, his only hit of the day. Dan Kingman was red hot going 4 for 5 with a double and two RBIs and Carlos Delgado added two hits of his own and a pair of RBIs. Andy Mathis threw three scoreless innings in relief to secure the victory. 4/26/99

Tell Tale Signs -- 4/26/99

Lady Rams Zero and Nine and Waiting -- The women’s softball team was bulldozed 23-1 by California’s top community college softball team, the West Valley Vikings, at Balboa Park on April 20. 4/26/99.

This week's sports.


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